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    Inaugural Agribusiness Investors’ Summit

    The Agricultural Finance Corporation was a key partner at the Inaugural Agribusiness Investors’ summit, which took place on the 16th-17th March at the Strathmore Business School

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Mara Beef Ltd Beef Production
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Zinger Enterprises Ltd Commercial Livestock Farming
Team Member Girl Bradegate Holding Limited Poultry Industry Player


Bradegate Holding Limited [BHL] is a poultry industry giant that has been developing since 2011 with a concept addressing poverty eradication. Bradegate sought partnership with AFC to develop an out-grower unit that is supported with inputs [feeds, medication, broiler and layer day-old chicks].

It entails providing a one stop centre for chicken farming, farmers training, poultry breeding, hatching, poultry supermarket, chicken processing and marketing, poultry feed-mill, franchise hotels and in future a poultry university College.

Read more on how Bradegate Holding Limited [BHL] has impacted the lives of the people in Nyeri and even beyond.


  • Permanent Employees 1800 workers
  • Direct Employment Over 3,500 farmers
Team Member Girl Mara Beef Limited Beef Production Sector


AFC has been participating as one of the agencies availing funds to private ranchers and livestock traders in purchasing livestock from drought affected counties. The program targets private ranch owners who currently have surplus capacity and are willing to purchase the drought affected animals from the identified counties.

To achieve this objective, AFC has partnered with Mara Beef Limited which is a new Kenyan Company targeting the unlimited capacity of the beef production sector in East Africa. It is based adjacent to the Maasai Mara Conservancy on the edge of Mara River.

Read more on how Mara Beef Limited is transforming the lives of Kenyans and changing the face of the livestock sub sector in East Africa.

Farm Statistics

  • Acreage 10,000 acres
  • Families impacted Over 4,000
  • Herds of cattle managed Over 3,000
Team Member Girl Zinger Enterprises Ltd Commercial Livestock Farming


In order to pursue Value Chain Structured Finance [VCSF] in the livestock sub-sector, AFC management has partnered with Zinger Enterprises Ltd [ZEL], a legal entity incorporated in Kenya in 1999.

The Company has invested 3,000 acres in Kajiado County and sought Kshs. 60,000,000 (Sixty million) from the AFC to launch the Livestock Breeding Value Chain Model. ZEL employs Critical Success Factors (CSF): Electric Fence (Solar) to safeguard against spread of diseases between domestic livestock and wildlife; Construction of water Dams, Boreholes as a Water Reticulation measure; and scientific breeding techniques.

Read more on how ZEL has impacted the lives of the communities around them.


  • Acreage 3,000 acres
  • Current financing Kshs. 60,000,000

"Our Business is the Farmers' Development"