Vuna Account

Product description

A transaction account designed for groups and individuals in agricultural related enterprises such as farmers, traders and suppliers of agricultural inputs. Despite the fact that Kenya has a relatively well developed financial system, a majority, especially farmers remain without banks accounts to transact their financial needs. This is the gap that the Vuna Account is designed to bridge since it is available in all our branches across the counties. Farmers can also build savings to be used as collateral in securing loans.

  • Easy to open and operate.
  • Accessible in all our branches.
  • Affordable withdrawal fee.
  • Free quarterly account statement
  • No withdrawal limit
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Items Financed
  • Registration certificate (for Groups)
  • Passport size photo for the officials/individuals
  • Copies of national identity card and PIN certificate (group official)
  • Group by-laws and a resolution to open the account.
  • Opening amount- Kshs.500 for individuals and Ksh. 2,500 for Self groups or Partnerships


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