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Agricultural Finance Corporation unveils credit facility for women

The Corporation has developed a credit plus delivery model targeting women agripreneurs in the agricultural value chain. The facility dubbed Women Affirmative Access Window (WAAW) is expected to enhance financial inclusion for women in agriculture at production, mechanization, post-harvest management, value addition, as well as access to local and export markets. WAAW will further encourage women to get involved in commercial agricultural activities by ensuring they have the requisite financial assistance.

The WAAW initiative targets at least 10,000 women in each of the 47 counties, particularly those in the rural areas. The Corporation proposes to utilize alternative collateral including market contracts, check off system, character based-relationships and credit guarantees to replace or complement hard collateral as has traditionally been used. This will enhance financial inclusion of the previously financially excluded segments mainly women and youth. To read more about the program go to the downloads and download the concept note. To pledge and commit, download the pledges and commitment form from the downloads section.

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