Loan Requirements



Know Your Customer (KYC)


Ø Application letter for the intended project

Ø Detailed Business plan showing the financial plans for projected income and profit/loss expected and a clear marketing plan showing projected demand and secured contract (where applicable)

Ø A copy of the National Identification card and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN Certificate

Ø Two (2) colored passport photos




Ø Certified bank statements for the last twelve (12) months

Ø Loan statement where applicable

Ø Provide proof of other incomes earned (e.g. rent, salaries, businesses, vehicles and pension among others)

Ø Proof of the ownership of all declared assets


Primary Securities

Ø Title deed(s) offered as security for the proposed loan

·         A sketch map showing the location of the security land offered as security for the proposed loan

·         Obtain a certificate of official search from the Lands office for the security title (At least three (3) months old)

·         Valuation report: Carry out valuation of the property to be availed for the security farm(s)

Ø Real estate i.e. residential and commercial properties

Ø Cash and bank guarantees

Ø Charge on lease





Secondary Additional Securities

Ø Shares, stocks and Unit Trusts which must be quoted at the Nairobi Securities Exchange

Ø Chattels mortgages on motor vehicles, machinery, house–hold goods/loose assets

Ø Guarantees supported by tangible securities

Ø Risk sharing facility


Farm visit verification


Ø Confirmation of project farm, location and land size

Ø Conduct valuation of the project /security farms/business premises

Ø Confirmation of the assets and liabilities (infrastructures, machinery, animal and farming activities


Advance loan fees

Ø Application fee –Ksh.500.00

Ø Processing fee - Minimum of Ksh.3,000

Ø Commitment fee – 1.5% of loan amount

Ø Conveyance fee which depends on the loan amount