AFC Partnerships

Kenya Organization of Environmental Education (KOEE)

As part of the Corporation’s commitment to environmental sustainability and education for all, AFC partnered with the Kenya Organization for Environmental Education (KOEE), the Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC) and the office of the Member of Parliament for Mwingi West Constituency to plant tree seedlings and to promote education by donating books in Kitui County. Aimed at creating water conservation awareness in Kitui County and promote sustainable resource management, as well as to sensitize schools on the role of the Eco-schools Programme in promoting sustainable development.

African Development Bank (AfDB)

The Corporation has partnered with Africa Development Bank Group (AfDB) and the Government of Kenya to implement the ENABLE Youth Kenya program. The program is one of AfDB’s ENABLE Youth Initiatives under the Bank’s Feed Africa Strategy for Agricultural Transformation in Africa. The objective of the program is to create business opportunities and decent employment for young women and men along priority agricultural value chains in Kenya through the provision of entrepreneurship skills, funding and business linkages. The program is expected to train and empower 2,080 Agricultural Entrepreneurs (Agripreneurs), out of which 1,200 agribusinesses are expected to be generated. Each of the agribusinesses is expected to employ on average five other support workers, generating about 8, 000 direct jobs (including at least 4,000 for young women) in the first five years of the program. Agripreneurs that are not successful in establishing businesses will be better positioned to enter the professional agriculture jobs market and find employment with the private sector. The program cost is estimated at UA 25.77 million, of which AfDB is financing UA 21.28 million or 82.58 % and the Government of Kenya will contribute UA 4.49 million or 17.42%. The program is started in 2018 and will run for a duration of five years. The program includes the following components: (i) Component 1: Enabling Environment for Youth Empowerment in Agribusiness: (a) Sub-Component 1: Awareness creation and promotion of agriculture as a business; (b) Sub-Component 2: Access to land and financial services for youth agribusiness ventures; (c) Sub-Component 3: Upgrading of Youth Agribusiness Incubation Centres (YABICs). (ii) Component 2: Entrepreneurship and agribusiness incubation: (a) Sub-Component 1: Agribusiness Incubation and Acceleration Activities; (b) Sub-Component 2: Business plans and loan applications (iii) Component 3: Financing Youth Agribusinesses: Operationalizing risk sharing & financing mechanism (RSFM) (iv)Component 4: Program Management and Coordination: Program planning, implementation, supervision and monitoring activities. AFC is expected to implement the third component, Financing Youth Agribusinesses: Operationalizing risk sharing & financing mechanism (RSFM)

Global Communities Kenya

AFC and Global Communities entered into a strategic partnership in 2018 to build capacity of women in Agriculture and increase accessibility of finance to Women in Agriculture. The collaboration has seen the two organizations.